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Due to the new EU data protection ordinance, the pedigree data are no longer publicly accessible. You need to register and log in to get access to the pedigrees and other features.

Currently only accepted members, who support us financially, get access to the database.



We are moving forward URGENT REQUEST :
The RRCUS and the RRWC H&G Committees are investigating the status of the current research and testing pertaining to EOAD.  If you previously sent EOAD tests to Project Dog and are still awaiting results, please consider answering the questions in this Google Survey.  This information could prove to be an essential piece of the puzzle as we move forward.  

We hope to have an important update to share shortly. This survey is anonymous. No personal information will be collected unless you choose to enter your contact information.


We have a new info-website online about healthy Ridgeback breeding (only in german for the moment)